Northwood Village on a weeknight

Northwood by night IMG_1795We drove through Northwood Village again (on Northwood Road) so I could take pictures. It’s such a pretty part of town. It was still early and a weeknight so not as hustling and bustling as I’d expected it would be. As we drove by I shot some pictures through the car window. The few photos below are taken with my canon using f1.4. Some are cropped. Almost all adjusted for light.

I’m a new blogger. My first one just last week disappeared from the internet. Still trying to figure out what happened. I started with a brand new host, WordPress. They are the number one blog platform. Now I’m copying my stuff over. I’d saved it to my laptop. With this one I just have to learn the tools and get used to it. I won’t know how this page will work unless I publish it. So here goes….

Northwood by night IMG_1837 Northwood by night IMG_1829 Northwood by night IMG_1831 Northwood by night IMG_1828 Northwood by night IMG_1826 Northwood by night IMG_1827 Northwood by night IMG_1815 Northwood by night IMG_1822 Northwood by night IMG_1818 Northwood by night IMG_1824 Northwood by night IMG_1812 Northwood by night IMG_1811

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