Dubois Park, Jupiter, FL

Dubois Park

Entrance: 19075 DuBois Road, Jupiter, Florida 33477

An amazing place for families, especially for young children. The waters are barely above waist deep for adults and calm all the time. Shady palm trees, sandy beaches, and an artificial reef that is already home to many species that you can enjoy with a snorkel. A great place for those who love quiet and nature.

Parts of the park are open to dogs and we saw many smaller dogs. Leash is required but we did see several little ones playing in the water off leash.

Hubby and I took our beach chairs and soaked up filtered sunlight from the shade of the many palm trees and the shady breezes with amazing views. It is peaceful yo! It is unbelievably so. We are not quite the grand-parenting age yet but we enjoyed some of the younger visitors to the park while we were there. It is a safer place to have the younger ones enjoy the South Florida waters even on the windier days. It is a beautiful place to picnic.

IMG_0054IMG_0122DSC07505 DSC07512 DSC07515

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