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India Bazaar, West Palm Beach


When you go vegetarian, go Indian! So many choices and so many wonderful ways to satisfy the nutritional needs of your body. Yesterday as I was replenishing my stock of spices from my favorite store in West Palm Beach, I asked them if it would be ok to post about them. Yes, they said, it was fine and so I’m back with photos! And oh, btw, they do sell meat as well and it is very fresh and clean. I buy my ground chicken there for hubby who can’t eat other meats.

India Bazaar is at 4780 Okeechobee Blvd., in West Palm Beach. Run by a family, you will always be greeted with warmth and a smile.

Yesterday I bought okra (bhindi), Chinese okra or Ridge Gourd (torai), onions, bitter gourd/melon (karela), bottle gourd (loki), eggplant (baingan), and several spices including turmeric, star anise, cumin, cardamom, and some others. Their prices are great, the stuff is fresh and clean and smells good.

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Downtown West Palm Beach

On our way back from the Green Market which is at the end of Clematis Street near the waterfront, we walked slowly so I could get a few more pictures of our beautiful Downtown. Still early, some of the restaurants had not yet opened for lunch but the chairs and tables were out under the colorful awnings and flowers that are everywhere at this time. Sometimes we stick around after the market and have lunch in one of the restaurants before we come home. We left earlier today to do a some gardening, watch a movie, and later… a barbeque dinner.

While driving around town, we also noticed lots of newly planted palms, especially around the new mall due to open on Valentines Day. Can’t wait to see it.

Green Market, West Palm Beach, FL

The Green Market in West Palm beach opened to a warm and sunny day today. Dogs and their families showed up in droves. I have two pups of my own so I love this market and how friendly it is to pets. There is even a water fountain for dogs. Since it’s on the waterfront, even warmer days like today are lovely because of the ocean breezes. For me, lugging around my camera and my larger than life pocket book, short breaks under the shade of tree or tent was very welcome. The market is completely accessible for wheelchairs and lots of places to sit on the green under umbrellas or on concrete benches. The produce at this market is the best for miles. There is also a lot of cooked food so we generally have breakfast there. Today it was cuban coffee at the Havana tent and the most amazing sweet and savory chicken and mushroom Italian muffin at Thoroughly Modern Muffins. We also picked up a jar of Pascale’s mango chutneys and enjoyed it with our lunch.

Thank you to all who let me take photos of their pups for my blog.

Grassy Waters Preserve, West Palm Beach

Grassy Waters 2-1Grassy Waters is a nature lover’s paradise, not far from the beaches of West Palm Beach. Lots of places to walk and you may even see an alligator or two. It is also a wonderful place for taking photos. I will post more as I become more skilled in the art of blogging.

The preserve is spread over 23 square miles and accessible from Northlake Blvd. A link to their website:

Grassy Waters 2-2


Grassy Waters1

Grassy Waters2

Grassy Waters3

Northwood Village on a weeknight

Northwood by night IMG_1795We drove through Northwood Village again (on Northwood Road) so I could take pictures. It’s such a pretty part of town. It was still early and a weeknight so not as hustling and bustling as I’d expected it would be. As we drove by I shot some pictures through the car window. The few photos below are taken with my canon using f1.4. Some are cropped. Almost all adjusted for light.

I’m a new blogger. My first one just last week disappeared from the internet. Still trying to figure out what happened. I started with a brand new host, WordPress. They are the number one blog platform. Now I’m copying my stuff over. I’d saved it to my laptop. With this one I just have to learn the tools and get used to it. I won’t know how this page will work unless I publish it. So here goes….

Northwood by night IMG_1837 Northwood by night IMG_1829 Northwood by night IMG_1831 Northwood by night IMG_1828 Northwood by night IMG_1826 Northwood by night IMG_1827 Northwood by night IMG_1815 Northwood by night IMG_1822 Northwood by night IMG_1818 Northwood by night IMG_1824 Northwood by night IMG_1812 Northwood by night IMG_1811

Northwood Village, West Palm Beach, FL

Northwood Village, West Palm Beach
Northwood Village, West Palm Beach

We dropped off friends at PBI around 9 this morning, then drove to Northwood Village. Hubby was sure he’d read about it somewhere and then forgot. So glad he thought of it today. It was 70 degrees, a few clouds here and there, and a beautiful day to be out. Lots of free parking, lovely restaurants (most were not yet open), and art galleries. We didn’t have much time but I managed to get a few photos and a lovely, unbelievably delicious veggie panini at Bistro Bistro. Going back as soon as I can!! A link to their page: