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Drink hot or cold. This is great for breakfast or as a pick me up.

Chai with Anise and Cardamom

Chai with Anis7

This is a Chai recipe not just for rainy days but for any time you want a little break from whatever you’re doing. I love chai and I make this twice a day. Once for breakfast and then again mid-afternoon. I’m a chai addict. For me there is no day without it.

Serves two and more… depending on the cup/mug you use.


  1. Three cups of water
  2. One tablespoon loose leaf black tea
  3. One tablespoon anise seed
  4. One half tablespoon cardamom seed
  5. One cup of evaporated milk
  6. Sugar or sweetener as desired


Chai with Anis1

Add one tablespoon of loose leaf tea to 3 cups of water and bring to a boil (I buy my loose leaf black tea from a local Indian store).

Chai with Anis2

Add a tablespoon of anise seed

Chai with Anis3

and a tablespoon of green cardamom (I get my spices from the local Indian store)

Chai with Anis4

Boil for a minute (at this point I add half tsp ginger powder sometimes If I want a more wintery mix in my chai)

Chai with Anis6

Add a cup of evaporated milk (I use whole but fat free is ok too) and bring to a boil. Watch this closely because I have had many accidents at this point with boiling tea all over my stove. As soon as it comes to a boil, remove from the stove and pour into a teapot.

Chai with Anis7

I have a teapot with a built-in strainer so I pour it directly into it. Works great for me but before I had this teapot I would  pour it through a strainer into a regular teapot or a jug. Pour into cups and sweeten with sugar or sweetener. I use Splenda. Hubby uses Stevia.

Recipe_Chickpea and Pomegranate01

Enjoy! The tea will keep for the day and you can warm it up as needed. You can refrigerate it for four or five days and it tastes just as good. Just remember to strain it and not leave the tea leaves in the mix.