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Beet Greens and Sweet Pepper Salad Sandwich

Beet greens and peppers 12

We had leftovers from the Beet Greens and Sweet Peppers Salad I made yesterday, so Hubby made me a sandwich today and it hit the spot! I like artisan bread or a bread of substance for sandwiches but we didn’t have any at home today. He made this using sesame burger buns and they worked. The bread is the most important ingredient in a sandwich. If it gets soggy, it’ll ruin everything. He toasted this roll so it would hold up better with the salad which has released more juices overnight in the fridge.


  1. Sesame roll
  2. Deli mustard
  3. Slice of cheese (or vegan cheese)
  4. Onion blossom sauce (optional)


Toast the sesame roll (or your choice of bread).

Beet greens and peppers 08

Add mustard to one side (top) and onion blossom sauce to the other (bottom). I don’t know why Hubby does it this way but it works.

Beet greens and peppers 09

Add a slice of cheese to the bottom (he has a good reason for that)

Beet greens and peppers 10

Heat the leftover salad in the microwave for a minute and add to the top put the bottom over the top (so the salad doesn’t fall out) and flip sandwich over. The heated salad will melt the cheese a little but by having the cheese on the bottom it won’t get too gooey. Enjoy!!

Beet greens and peppers 11